Fetish – A personal favorite! Is there a specific item or act that has captured your imagination? There are many fetishes to play with: foot fetish, nylon fetish, stocking fetish, medical fetish, smoking fetish, human furniture, leather, fur, PVC, gloves, high heels, boots, balloons, ect.

Impact Play – Lay across my lap for your spanking, bend over the bench and be flogged into the abyss of subspace. Sedated by swells of stinging. A sharp cane crosses your cheeks. Plead to me as I paddle you plump and engorged.

Sadism - How much pain will you endure to provide me with pleasure? How far can you push yourself to please me? Let go, become weak in the knees. Fall before me, I will bring you to your feet softly.

Sensory Play – Hand over your power of perception, I will show you a new world. Focus only on what I put in front of you. Your spoiled eyes sealed shut, introduce yourself to unknown sensations.

Service – Exist to serve my every desire, learn exactly what I want and how to provide it. Receive etiquette training to properly pamper me.

Bondage – Cuffed and chained, hopelessly restrained. Like a damsel in distress, your voyeuristic Mistress enjoys your powerlessness. Loosely bound in silk or tightly gated behind a full body cast, being restrained is an exhilarating experience.

Tease and Denial – Endure endless edging. No release, unless its ruined.

Chastity Training - Be locked away by me, be on your best behavior, be mine.

Couples – Guiding both partners deeper into their roles while discovering our shared dynamic is a delight.

Objectification / Humiliation - My human doll, that’s what you are. All mine to poke at, to tease and to torture. Be my entertainment.

Feminization – Relax in luxurious lingerie, let your long hair loose and lounge with the ladies. Learn about womanhood and all of its duties.




Scripted scenes

Heavy medical play

Needle play

Red play

Brown play

Anyone under the age of 18

Non-consenting participants

A scenario in which I would be switching or subbing

Contact with any part of my body that is typically covered by a bikini