(with 24 hours notice)

Consultations $100USD

1 hour $250USD

1.5 hours $350USD

2 hours $500USD

3 hours $750USD


(same day request)

Consultations $100USD

1 hour $350USD

1.5 hours $500USD

2 hours $750USD

3 hours $1000USD


Voice Calling $60USD

(per 30 minutes)

Video Calling $90USD

(per 30 minutes)

Custom Content

Photo sets $5USD Per image

(minimum order of 6 Images)

Videos $10per minute

(minimum order of 3 minutes)


A non-refundable deposit of $50 per hour is required for all in-person engagements. You must reschedule at least 24 hours in advanced to have this deposit be held for our next appointment. The new appointment must be held within one month of the previous date. Deduct the hourly deposit from your session total, this is the amount that you will bring to our meeting. This is to be presented in cash concealed in an unsealed envelope. I do not accept gift cards or gifts as a form of payment though gift giving is appreciated.

Option 1

(CashApp / SquareCash)

This is my preferred application for online exchanges$MistMaze

Are you new to cash app? Wonderful, use this link to set up your account If you do this we will both receive a complimentary $5 when you make your first transaction

Option 2


This application is accepted in many countries around the world.

If cash app is unavailable in your country or you prefer to use PayPal you may find me by following this link

gift giving

I love to be spoiled by my sweet submissives. It brings a smile to my face to know how much you have been thinking of me. Graciously gift me in thanks to all that I give you. Below I have attached an Amazon eGift card link this is one of my favorite gifts to receive.

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