DomCon Los Angeles 2019 Dominatrices

Picture this the Hilton LAX roughly 50/50 in ratio between kinksters and vanillas. Never before have I witness an area so densely populated with powerful women. We all gather here once a year to share skills and stories. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with many world renowned Mistresses. This year people from every continent came to mingle. Some of my favorite events included; the Mistresses tea party where we gathered around tables to share tea and treats. I always fantasies the scenario of a Mistress tea party, it was wonderful to experience it enacted on such a large scale. We were served by the most wonderful butlers, their manors were right on queue. Additional note worthy events include the multitude of skill-share classes I was able to attend. Courses such as “Creating online content” encouraged me to advance further in a direction I have been curious about. There were many noteworthy interactions to share, meeting Cybill Troy, Mistress Troy, Mistress An Li, Stella Liberty, Isabella Sinclaire, Mistress Damazonia. Amongst all of these beautiful woman I met one special cross dresser. They told me this was the first time they have taken a trip and packed only female clothing. It was a pleasure to see them each day in a pair of nylons elegant clothing. How wonderful it was to see everyone so comfortable and accepting of one another.

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