Do you use Fetlife?

I have been handed over a group on Fetlife by two local Pro Doms. The current name of the group is “San Diego Hoppers”. I have always wondered about starting up my own group on Fet, I figured I would do so later in time. Then I received a text asking me if I would like to take the reins. The core motive of this group is to connect local kinksters and explore our local area. Two things I strive to do myself, make new friends and, find new places in home city. I am at the drawing board, summoning my creative demons. The many wonderful friends I have made over the years will gladly be the first attendees, I look forward to watching this baby grow.

I invite you to add my account

UPDATE: July 23 2019

I decided I no longer care to contribute to this group.

Now invested in FemDom parties!

Mist Maze